Rapid Deployment Methodology

New Dynamic's D365 Rapid Deployment Methodology is a deployment approach proven successful for companies that:

The D365 Rapid Deployment approach can help companies avoid:

Range Printing
“New Dynamic came in with a quick-start plan to match our needs and resources and get us organized. In just a couple of weeks, we were able to start using Dynamics 365 without any delay or expensive customization process.”
Andy Dumas
Andy Dumas
Chief Sales Officer/Partner, Range Printing

Rapid Deployment, Accountability, and Insights for Dynamics 365 Sales

New Dynamic’s Rapid Deployment Methodology for Dynamics 365 allowed Range Printing to establish sales process best practices, introduce a new customer qualifying tool, and improve visibility to new customer sales opportunities.

“The Rapid Deployment experience with New Dynamic was great. Their team was engaged and positive, and did an excellent job adapting Dynamics 365 to our needs and keeping it all within our scope and budget. It was the right level of deployment for us and our smaller rollout.”
Taylor MacDonald
Marketing Manager, Herzog

Rapid Deployment of Dynamics 365 Drives Rapid Productivity

New Dynamic’s D365 Rapid Deployment Methodology added instant functionality and structure to the sales process for rail/highway contractor Herzog and improved collaboration among business development teams.

New Dynamic pioneered our Rapid Deployment Implementation Methodology to provide a simple blueprint for low-cost, quick, initial deployments of Dynamics 365 for Sales. The approach centers on leveraging the key, native functionality for sales force automation using best practices and industry-specific experiences that New Dynamic has honed over the years. Rapid Deployment focuses on getting baseline, valuable functionality into the organization immediately, while focusing on training and end user adoption.
Rapid Deployment engagements are budget-friendly, provide rapid results, and pave the way for future system enhancements.