Transform your sales productivity and customer buying experience with Dynamics 365 Sales

Information is power

And nowhere is it more powerful – and often under-utilized – than when it comes to a company’s customers and prospects. Establish a competitive edge that comes from knowing more about your customers and prospects than your competition does. Maybe even more about your customers’ business and purchasing habits than they do themselves.

Today’s buyers want experiences that include frictionless transactions and interactions. Give your buyers unique experiences that build trust and empower your sellers to lead the way through the buying journey with Dynamics 365 Sales.

  • Enable smarter selling with contextual AI
  • Boost sales productivity with seamless tools
  • Improve coaching and performance
  • Enhance social engagement
  • Personalize customer service
“We’ve got aggressive growth plans and so do our clients, which means our systems must be ready for volume increases. With Dynamics 365, we’ve streamlined operations and created more capacity for growth which has made us a better partner to our physicians and their patients. Our business is ready for the future and that’s worth a lot to our shareholders, physicians – and patients.”

Captify’s core business processes were migrated to Dynamics 365, resulting in better productivity, higher standards of compliance, and better patient outcomes.

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New Dynamic specializes in the planning, deployment, and adoption of robust, tailored customer relationship management solutions deployed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Dynamics 365 Deployment Planning

Streamline your deployment and create a custom implementation plan based on your unique requirements and process needs. 

Dynamics 365 Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment focuses on getting baseline, valuable functionality into the organization immediately, while leaving room for client-specific tailoring while focusing on training and end user adoption.

Dynamics 365 Line of Business Apps

A powerful data platform – the Common Data Service – enables custom apps and workflows on the Power Apps Platform, using data from your Dynamics 365 deployment, without the long timelines and risks of traditional enterprise development.

Dynamics 365 HealthCheck

HealthCheck helps organizations identify factors limiting the success of your CRM system. Our analysis assesses the issues specific to your organization’s deployment of Dynamics 365 and identifies the opportunities available to realize the desired benefits from the system.

Dynamics 365 Adoption

Rather than an afterthought, adoption planning is woven into the project fabric from the beginning. New Dynamic’s focus on end-user adoption means that your project is much more likely to achieve its intended purpose than the average implementation effort.

Our Partners

New Dynamic, together with our network of industry leading partners deliver robust D365 solutions tailored to help our clients achieve success.