Budgeting and Planning for CRM Implementations

Aside from end user adoption, one of the common failure points of CRM implementations is that they can go over-budget and behind schedule. Our experience with deployments in many industries and contexts, combined with our proven methodology, will ensure that your D365 solution is as cost and time efficient as possible.

An engagement with us begins with either a workshop to specify the needs and expectations your organization has for a new CRM, or a Dynamics 365 Health Check to determine how your current implementation can be improved.

Envisioning Workshop

If your organization is looking for a new CRM, or has never implemented one before, we recommend engaging us to run a workshop for your leaders and subject matter experts in order to get clarity about what the Dynamics 365 platform is capable of and what it can do for your business.

Aside from learning about options and possibilities you might not have considered, we will analyze your business processes and structure to build a custom plan. This will provide you with a strong foundation to plan and budget for your CRM project, as well as the ability to see how CRM can become a strategic investment in your organization’s future.

What can Microsoft D365 do for you?

If your organization is already using Dynamics 365 to augment and manage your internal processes, we can analyze its performance and identify further optimizations that need to be made. Our analysis assesses the issues specific to your organization’s deployment of Dynamics 365 and identifies the opportunities available to realize your desired benefits from the system. Learn more about the Dynamics 365 Health Check process and how it can benefit you.

How to Effectively Scope a CRM Project

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