ERP Partner Collaboration

Need a partner who can deliver a Microsoft D365 Customer Engagement solution?

New Dynamic often works with Microsoft ERP solution providers to empower their clients with specific expertise in D365 Customer Engagement deployments including D365 Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and Field Service. Working in partnership with us lets you focus on what you do best while giving your clients everything they need to take their sales performance to the next level.

As you know, one of the strategic advantages offered by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is the seamless integration between different business apps, especially between the CRM and ERP solutions. By engaging us as a trusted partner, you will be able to offer your clients truly comprehensive D365 implementations that will revolutionize their business processes.

What a partnership with New Dynamic looks like

Excellent communication

"New Dynamic really has their processes down and I like that. They have a set agenda for every meeting, and follow-up consistently on every action item"

A D365 Sales focus

"We were looking for someone like New Dynamic for a long time – someone who can offer dedicated D365 Sales implementations to our clients"

Trustworthy expertise

“When I need to bring another partner into an existing client relationship, I can trust that New Dynamic will keep us in the loop and let us know how things are going.”

Aligning sales with operations for better business results

When a business consolidates both sales and operations on the D365 platform, they are able to benefit from a consolidated database and automated processes that drive better performance. Having everything in one place, particularly in the D365 Dataverse, provides unprecedented visibility into company performance while creating opportunities for improved customer engagement.

Instead of having to focus on business processes, clients with an integrated CRM and ERP are instead able to focus on data and performance. Leaders enjoy improved visibility into all aspects of their business, while end users benefit from AI-based reminders, automation of monotonous tasks, and integration between sales and operations that supports a superior customer experience.

In particular, the D365 platform is perfect for such a task, given its ability to integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft products like Outlook and Teams. Partnering with us allows your clients to enjoy a truly comprehensive solution that can be customized to fit their particular processes and business needs, without forcing you to break your focus on outstanding ERP solutions.

To learn more about what a partnership with us entails, please contact us to begin a conversation.