Can’t Save the Contact Form in New Sales Enterprise Environment?

By Mike Springer, Dynamics 365 Senior Consultant

I recently spun up a brand-new environment for a new client and encountered a frustrating issue when I went to modify the contact form in my Sales Enterprise App solution.

It wouldn’t save.

All I received was this generic error.

Of course, since the error politely encourages me to try again, I complied several times until I didn’t have time to comply anymore.

I eventually opened a ticket with Microsoft and discovered that this is a bug that I haven’t found reported anywhere else yet.

The issue is that the Sales Enterprise application was deployed with the contact table not being enabled for SharePoint document management. Apparently, according to the engineer, “the contact form has a hardcoded reference to the non OOB relationship ‘contact_SharePointDocuments’ which has been there for a long time. The relationship is created once Document management is enabled for the entity.”

The fix for this is ridiculously simple and that is to enable document management for the entity.

Once you save the table and publish it the error goes away, and you can begin editing the form.

I’ve since found this in two other environments, so I realized it’s not an isolated issue, thus the impetus to publish this.

Since some reading this may not be working in the maker portal yet and are still hanging out in the classic interface (c’mon people let’s get with the times!), I will include the Microsoft engineer’s version of the instructions. 😊

To mitigate the issue, please enable document management for the Contact entity with the below steps.

  1. Advanced Settings
  2. Customizations > Customize the System
  3. Entities > Contact
  4. Enable Document Management
  5. Save
  6. Publish

I hope this saves someone the time and trouble it could cause if you encounter it and are able to dial me up via your search engine.

Mike Springer is a Dynamics 365 enthusiast that has been providing guidance to clients for over 15 years. As a Senior Dynamics 365 Consultant for New Dynamic, Mike is dedicated to helping companies drive revenue and reduce the cost of sales through insightful and collaborative Dynamics 365 Sales solutions.

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